Safety Management System

Safety Management System development

Developing and implementing a Safety Management System can be an arduous task. You can’t avoid your WHS obligations but you can avoid the pain that often comes with documenting your WHS compliance. We offer Safety DirectTM as a business solution to WHS obligations.

There is an easier and far more cost effective solution for meeting your obligations. Its called Safety DirectTM. It’s a smart, secure, on-line solution from Australia’s leading safety experts, DRA Safety Specialists. WHS compliance is mandatory for every business. But let’s face it, very few small business owners have the time or the skills to implement a legally viable Safety Management System (SMS).

If that includes you, let’s consider your four options.
You could:
1) Delegate the task to a staff member
Which of your staff has the time, the knowledge or the resources to do the job effectively or efficiently? While they are spending weeks or possible months, preparing, writing and implementing the documentation and SMS tools, who will do their normal tasks? And if that team member leaves, will they take the skills and knowledge to maintain the system with them?

2) Contract a specialist to design and implement a system
There is only one person who knows your business as well as you do, YOU! That means that any specialist you bring in will need to involve you in order to fully understand the requirement. Then there is the cost. Even in the lower range of $120 per hour, the cost of WHS compliance will be significant. If you don’t understand your SMS, what chances have you of achieving continuing compliance without a continuing dependence on that same consultant?

3) Hope that you’ll never get audited
Audits are random but accidents and incidents are what bring most non-complying businesses undone. Simple accidents like a back injury from lifting a carton of copy paper or tripping while walking to a car or a bus. No business – large or small – is immune from the risk of litigation in today’s “no win ̶ no fee” environment!

4) Implement a fully complying SMS in hours using Safety DirectTM
Is it really possible to have a full SMS for our business in hours? Definitely! Safety DirectTM is a fully integrated, fully compliant and more than a template system. It’s a bit like an online compliance supermarket ̶ where you select the things that you need and leave those you don’t, sitting on the shelves. No matter what industry you are in, Safety DirectTM has the guidelines, documentation and tools you need to meet your legal obligations.

Cost effective Safety Management System

Safety DirectTM is a complete, cost effective Safety Management System. It is easily tailored to your business as all documents are in an editable format. It’s fast to set-up and does not require dedicated staffing. And it’s proactive, when changes occur to legislation, standards or codes, you are immediately advised of those changes and the steps needed for continuing compliance. In other words, Safety DirectTM is a total solution!

When you invest in a Safety Management System like Safety DirectTM, you get immediate access to seven key, extensively documented and detailed resources covering:
● Policy, commitment and planning;
● System planning;
● Compliance management;
● Managing specific work environment risks;
● Managing specific equipment risks;
● Monitoring, reporting and evaluation;
● Review and continual improvement.

Your subscription also includes access to consultants, each with over 25 years experience in Health and Safety and professionally recognised by the Australian Institute of Health & Safety. For example running Businesses, Managing State based safety functions, with a history of being employed and working across a varied field of occupations.

The bottom line is obvious. You can start inventing a wheel today or you can invest in one that is already helping many businesses, just like yours, to roll along very successfully in the WHS environment.

DRA Safety Specialists has been a recognised leader in the Work Health and Safety since 1995. Our clients include some of Australia’s largest employers, public and private schools, universities and colleges, hospitals and care facilities and many ‘mum and dad’ businesses. We are the experts with extensive experience in every industry sector and we are here ready to help you meet your WHS obligations.

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