Safety Audits

Is a systematic and independent process to assist you to evaluate your workplace health and safety system and test its’ effectiveness against a known standards. Through undertaking auditing on a regular basis organisations will improve their health and safety management systems. While many organisations undertake their own internal audits, it is beneficial to use a third party independent auditor like DRA to verify your systems.

Safety Auditing can provide many outcomes according to specific client requirements.
Safety management system audits provide confirmation and verification of the effectiveness of a safety management system, identify corrective actions and demonstrate to stakeholders that the system is being implemented and monitored.

Work Safety Auditing

Safety Auditing Overview

As part of our WHS Safety Services DRA perform a range of independent auditing for businesses according to client requirements. These include:
– Legislative regulatory compliance audit
– Client audit using the clients audit tool;
– ISO or Australian Standard Audit – complying with specific standard requirements
– Safety management system audit (SMS Audit or WHS Audit)
– Walkthrough hazard identification inspection
– Corrective action audit – follow up on corrective safety actions implemented

We also provide clients with a comprehensive audit report on completion of the audit and a post-audit briefing to identify opportunities for immediate learnings from the audit. This is completed irrespective of the type of audit that we undertake to ensure that we have not mistaken any information provided. Additionally, we provide a range of images or references to support audit findings i.e. we specifically identify and reference the legislative or standard non-compliance.

Safety Auditing Outline

DRA have completed audits across a range of businesses including:
– Agriculture
– Construction
– Buildings
– Call Centre
– Childcare
– IT Developers/Gaming Developers
– Local Government (Range of tasks)
– Manufacturing
– Office
– Retail
– Schools/Colleges and Universities
– Warehousing and Logistics

Why should you get DRA to conduct regular safety audits?

Regular audits are an important element of any effective workplace health and safety program. An effective auditing program verifies that your safety systems and safety procedures are working. Audits also identify where there are any opportunities for improvement in your work methods, hazard identification, safety procedures, risk assessments and general business practices.

Regular audits can be conducted to evaluate:
– Your own safe working standards/practices
– Compliance audit to an Industry Code of Practice
– Compliance with a legislative framework (Procedures Audit)
– Compliance with a known safety systems standard such as AS/NZS ISO 45001
– Compliance with a technical product safety standard.

Regular audits can be conducted internally by your own trained staff or externally by one of our certified auditors. There are advantages and disadvantages of both internal and external audits.

Why establish regular safety audits?

Regular audit programs are normally established according to an organisation’s risk profile and risk appetite with higher risk industries undertaking annual external audits to evaluate compliance status.

We also recognise that compliance auditing is a journey rather than a destination, and success of audit programs will often be dependent on the organisation’s maturity level in respect of the safety system and the workplace health and safety program implemented.

Regular auditing can ensure that your safety journey heads in the right direction. There are a range of critical factors in determining the frequency of the regular audit, who will complete the audit and what your expected outcomes of the audit may be.

By undertaking audits on regular basis you will build a platform to improve your business, the health and well-being of your staff and mitigate risks of litigation and other regulatory compliance issues.


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