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Our Qualified and Certified Safety Consultants continue to provide a range of health and safety services across Australia. We can complete a Property Safety Inspection or WHS Compliance Audits for your property agents. This specific health and safety service is designed to help the property agents comply with the Work Health and Safety legislation through identifying potential hazards and implementing processes to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

These services are part of the Safety Consultancy Services suite we provide to a range of clients.

Property Safety Inspections | WHS Consultancy Services

What is a Property Safety Inspection?

A Property Safety Inspection is one of the important components used by real estate brokers, body corporations, and owners to maintain a secure living and working environment for guests, others and workers. The Property Safety Inspection is intended to identify potential hazards or safety problems on a property and to offer recommendations on how each item may be dealt with.

We complete these Property Safety Inspections on a range of single and multi-story accommodation locations that are both holiday and residential living. Our Safety Consultants are professional persons with years of experience in industry and have worked for Government agencies, large corporations and smaller businesses and each understand the challenges property managers and owners face. Our safety consultants also hold accreditation from the Australian Institute of Health and Safety and each year this refreshed is examined to make sure the individual is continuing to advance professionally.

What is completed as part of the Property Safety Inspection?

The Safety Consultant will spend time looking over the entire common area of the site and examine the property for a variety of potential risks, such as electrical, fire, chemical, traffic, storage of flammable/combustible items and environmental threats. As part of the Property Safety Inspection the Safety Consultant will also look to see if there are any issues that relate to the Model Health and Safety legislation that need attention.

Normally, the Safety Consultant will begin by performing a visual assessment of the property to search for any immediately apparent evidence of dangers or safety threats. Also, they may use specialist tools to find hidden dangers like gas leaks or electrical problems. The examination may take a few hours to a whole day or more, depending on the scope set by the property agent, the size and complexity of the property.

Following the Property Safety Inspection, the Safety Consultant will deliver a report outlining the findings along with suggestions for how to deal with each of issues identified. Together with suggestions for regular maintenance and safety inspections, the report may also detail any modifications or repairs necessary to bring the property up to code.

Inspections for property hazards are crucial to maintaining safe and healthy living and working environments in Australia. Property owners can contribute to ensure that their properties are safe and liveable for all tenants by recognising and addressing any hazards and safety risks. As a property manager or owner, you can help avoid potential hazards and ensure the safety of all occupants and schedule our Safety Consultants to complete a Property Safety Inspection at least annually.

Benefits of having a Property Safety Inspection or WHS Compliance Audit

A property safety inspection and WHS compliance audit have a number of advantages for companies and organisations:

Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations: Businesses and organisations can verify compliance with pertinent health and safety requirements, standards, and legislation by conducting a property safety inspection and a WHS compliance audit. Businesses can take remedial action to ensure they are upholding legal commitments by identifying areas of non-compliance.

Identifying Hazards: These inspections can assist in finding workplace dangers that could endanger the health and safety of employees and visitors. Businesses can take action to decrease these risks and lower the likelihood of accidents and injuries by recognising these hazards.

Reducing the Risk of Accidents and Injuries: A property safety inspection and WHS compliance audit can help businesses and organisations identify potential risks and hazards and take action to mitigate them. This can reduce the likelihood of mishaps and injuries, protecting both workers and guests.

Improving Safety Management Systems: These inspections can also assist companies and organisations in enhancing their safety management programmes, rules, and practises. Businesses can make changes to current processes that support a safer working environment by identifying gaps and weaknesses.

Cost Savings: Businesses may ultimately save money by putting the recommendations from the Property Safety Inspection and WHS Compliance Audit into practise. Businesses can reduce the expenditures including workers’ compensation claims, medical expenses, and legal fees, by eliminating or reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

The purpose of property safety inspections and WHS compliance audits is to assist companies and organisations in adhering to health and safety regulations, to identify potential hazards, to lower the likelihood of accidents and injuries, to enhance safety management systems, and ultimately to save money. These inspections are crucial to maintaining a secure and healthy workplace for everyone.

To protect the safety and wellbeing of employees and visitors, it is essential to select qualified and accredited safety consultants for Property Safety Inspections and WHS Compliance Audits. Safety consultants that are qualified and accredited have the knowledge and experience needed to undertake an in-depth analysis of a property’s safety concerns and WHS compliance.

Why use our Safety Consultants to complete a Property Safety Inspection or WHS Compliance Audit

Our Safety consultants are qualified and certified have received considerable training and education in the subject of health and safety. They are extremely knowledgeable about health and safety laws, standards, and best practises for identifying and reducing safety concerns. Businesses and organisations can benefit from their knowledge and experience in identifying possible risks and creating efficient safety management systems.

Furthermore, skilled and licenced safety consultants have practical experience working in a variety of settings and industries, which enables them to adapt their strategy to match the particular requirements of each company or organisation. Based on their expertise and understanding of the safety concerns unique to their sector, they can offer insightful advice and suggestions.

Selecting the ideal safety expert can contribute to ensuring the security and health of workers and guests. In-depth evaluations of the property’s safety risks and WHS compliance will be done by an experienced and certified safety consultant, who will also identify potential dangers and make recommendations for fixing any problems. Businesses and organisations can lower the risk of accidents and injuries and make the workplace safer by putting these ideas into practise.

For enterprises and organisations in Australia, WHS Compliance Audit and Property Safety Inspection are crucial. These checks assist assure adherence to health and safety laws, spot potential dangers, lower the chance of accidents and injuries, and ultimately save money. During these inspections, it’s crucial to select licenced and certified safety consultants because they have the knowledge and experience needed to thoroughly evaluate a property’s safety concerns and WHS compliance.

It is essential to have a Property Safety Inspection and WHS Compliance Audit performed by trained and certified safety experts to guarantee the security and welfare of staff members and guests. Businesses and organisations should also focus on health and safety risks and choose a competent person to complete these types of Property inspections and WHS Compliance Audits to assist them in achieving compliance, and develop a safer working environment.

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