Consultancy Services

DRA offers different types of consultancy services but focusing on Safety Training, Engineering and Asset Management. DRA has been a leading specialist provider of Workplace Health & Safety Consultancy, Auditing, Management and Training in Australia for over 25 years.

Our services include Amusement Device Inspections across the range provide in the Amusement Industry. Major theme Parks to the small one ride operators.


WHS Consultancy Services

Services provided by Certified Engineers and Safety Consultants

DRA provides a range of WHS services and have qualified safety consultants that can undertake expert level WHS inspections and Risk Assessments for properties and buildings. Our safety consultants will provide you with a clear and actionable property risk assessment report for health, safety, environmental and public liability risk.

Each one of our Safety Consultants have maintained at least Certified OHS Professional certification with the Australian Institute of Health and Safety and Exemplar Global as Lead Auditors across a range of safety topics including Hazardous Chemicals and Safety Management Systems.

We will check the physical conditions of the premises operating as a workplace using a risk management framework and inspection protocols to prioritise and minimise potential risks associated with your managed building and property.

We provide expert level inspections and risk assessments, with safety consultants who are certified by professional organizations and have experience across a range of industries. All assessments are aimed to identify potential risks and hazards then to provide solutions such as developing safety programs and conducting audits and investigations.

These assessments are structured to identify existing hazards with the potential to cause accidents/incidents, injury, illness, environmental impact or financial loss. Our inspection process can be customised to suit the requirements of your property and specific workplace hazards. We continue to work across a range of industries including energy, retail, food processing, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and government.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of small to medium businesses address the identified hazards through,

– developing effective safety programs, procedures and plans
– conducting safety audits and inspections/investigations
– undertaking workplace health & safety investigations
– developing safety training programs
– measuring performance of safety management systems and
– implementing strategic safety programs.

Our services

We offer a range of health and safety courses, safety training and WHS consultancy services.

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Safety Consulting, Engineering Consulting, WHS Training

Long standing RTO with Public and Private Courses including Online Training





Asset Management, Engineering and WHS

Comprehensive engineering consultancy for the amusement industry.





Asset Management, Engineering and WHS

Asset Management processes to manage cost, risk and performance of assets.





What is a Safety Consultant?
A Safety Consultant is a professional qualified in the matters of health and safety in the workplace who helps businesses in ensuring they are compliant and follow the best practices in this area.

Each one of our Safety Consultants have maintained at least Certified OHS Professional certification with the Australian Institute of Health and Safety and Exemplar Global as Lead Auditors across a range of safety topics including Hazardous Chemicals and Safety Management Systems.

What does a Safety Consultant do?
Professional Safety Consultants are not restrained by the business direction placed on Safety persons in general business but are able to expand their knowledge to boarder encompass specialised knowledge and provide expert advice on what a business can do to improve the overall health and safety of their workplaces. Our Consultants have also worked in the ‘real world’ in supervisory and management positions and )more than likely) experienced what you are going through.
Who needs Safety Consulting Services?
Any organisation can become stagnant in thinking or alternatively attempt new and exciting strategies. Before stepping off on these paths, having a person who has experience in these matters can often assist and be of immediate benefit to any business.

Sometimes it is about having another neutral person to bounce ideas off of to gauge the path forward.

What are the benefits of outsourcing WHS Services?
Outsourcing to professional workplace health and safety consultants, reduces your costs of maintaining specialised in-house staff qualified in WHS matters. Some of the key benefits to you as a business owner, are:

– Better safety and compliance – as a professional consulting firm we only employ consultants with proven track records. We do NOT pass our work on to other consultants so as to ensure we keep our reputation with our clients.
– Less stress – Consequently, having access to better advice, means you do not have to worry about health, safety and compliance matters as much, by comparison.
– Cost reduction – There are a number of overheads involved in maintaining in-house staff, especially in positions that are not always constantly required in your business. Outsourcing allows you to avoid those costs, by giving you access to professional consultants only when you need their help.

Why choose DRA Safety for your Safety Consulting needs?
DRA Safety has been in business for almost 30 years with a strong client base.

Over time some clients have chosen to leave for a lower price only to return due to the service and quality out put we provide.

We can assist with an initial workplace audit.
We use a range of audit tools considering the level of compliance already at an organisation. We complete the job site audit to identify and assess the health and safety matters and concerns regarding several key areas of said site (where and as applicable):

• Health and Safety Policy
• Responsibility and Accountability Statements
• Sub-Contractors and Purchasing Controls
• Health and Safety Consultation
• Risk Management
• Provision of Information
• Staff Training
• Reporting and Investigation
• Emergency Planning
• Fire Evacuation Plan
• Emergency Equipment
• Traumatic Incident Response
• Workplace Specific Issues (as relevant)
• Electrical Equipment
• Hazardous Chemicals
• Plant
• Noise
• Vehicles
• First Aid Facilities and Communicable Diseases
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Work at Height
• Ergonomic / Manual Handling

Once a suitable score is attained we generally move organisations to the National Self-Insurer OHS Audit Tool ordinarily used for organisations across Australia that self insure for workers compensation.

What types of Safety documentation can we also assist you with?
Examples of commonly encountered Safety Documents , include:
– The documentation of WHS processes, procedures, and training programs
– Documentation of identified hazards, incidents and injuries
– Documentation of internal and external health and safety management reviews
– Records of meetings concerning workplace health and safety matters
– Documentation of internal safety standards and expectations