Our Team

Our Engineering and Safety Consultants are experienced in many aspects of workplace operations. The team are available to provide advice backed with national accreditation (RPEQ) and ongoing professional development nationally accredited (AIHS). We can assist with the establishment, development and implementation of a safety strategy and framework to suit your environment.

It is not the role of company executives to know all the details of the Health and Safety legislative requirements, but it could mean the whole future of a business if the responsibilities are not clearly understood.

The DRA team

Our team of Engineering and Safety Consultants

DRA is a leading provider of Engineering and Safety Consultant services for business safety and engineering related issues. Our structured systems have been implemented across many businesses and continue to assist those businesses manage workplace health and safety issues without fuss, at a cost-effective price.


David Randall

CEO – Senior Safety Consultant


Rhys Wachter

COO – Structural & RPEQ Engineering Consultant

Sina Ighaniyan Engineering Consultant

Sina Ighaniyan

RPEQ Engineering Consultant

Jack Petzke - Engineering Consultant

Jack Petzke

Engineering Consultant


Ryan Bailey

Engineering Consultant


Mitchell Barnes

Mechanical & Safety Engineering Consultant


Andrew Middleton

Senior Safety Consultant


Mark Rattle

Senior Safety Consultant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the “Engineering Consulting Services” DRA offer?
At DRA, we provide value in many activities including Consulting Services and a wide range of engineering design, verification and drone services. These range from phone consultations to in-depth on-site studies; from solving problems, to design recommendations.
Do your Engineering Consultants have RPEQ certifications?
Yes, DRA currently have staff who have Registration as a Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). This is required for some projects, particularly those assessments required by the Health and Safety Regulator; Department of Transport and Main Roads, or certification reports for Certifiers.
Do you undertake work outside of Australia?
Yes, we do. The majority of our work is in Australia, but we have been involved in a number of projects in New Zealand and Asia. Please contact us to discuss any project.
Can DRA provide drone services?

Yes, we can, DRA Engineering Consultants are qualified to fly drones to complete inspections and other aerial photography. Please contact us to discuss any drone services you may require.

Do I need an Annual Inspection for my amusement device?

Its best to refer to your local governments website to confirm however if your device is a class 2 or higher it most likely requires registration and therefore an Annual Inspection. Inflatable devices with a platform over 3m also require an Annual Inspection in most states.

For further information on this topic please go to our information on Amusement Device / Amusement Ride requirements.

Do I need a Major Inspection for my amusement device?

If your device is over 10 years old it’s highly recommended to conduct a Major Inspection, however if you are in Queensland, it is mandatory that this is completed before the device reaches 10 years old.

For further information on this topic please go to our information on Amusement Device / Amusement Ride requirements.