DRA Engineering assist with Safety Case Development

DRA Engineers assisting with Amusement Park Safety Case development.

The DRA Engineering department have been instrumental in developing Safety Case documentation for Australian Major Amusement Park operators to meet the Queensland Government’s stricter safety requirements. So much so that Major Amusement Park operators from other States in Australia have engaged our services. Our achievements in this field has positioned us as setting world-class, best practice safety standards across the many Major Amusement Parks, we work with.

The current Queensland WHS Legislation requires Major Amusement Park operators to:

  • Complete major inspections of rides by qualified (RPEQ) engineers every ten years;
  • Improve competency and training of ride operators;
  • Ensure that there is a robust system for record inspections, maintenance and operator competency; and
  • Complete a Safety Case as part of the Licensing System. Further information is available at WHS Qld.

Some of the smaller amusement park operators have also engaged our services to audit their business and provide recommendations. This has been the building block for implementing continual improvement systems within these smaller operators’ systems. Note: this is not a WHS Legislative requirement in Queensland or the other States of Australia.

The DRA Engineers are specialists in the Amusement Device world and part of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). The largest international trade association for permanently situated amusement facilities.

The DRA Engineering Consultants have also attained and maintain engineering certification to the Board Of Professional Engineers (RPEQ) Of Queensland. Drawing on over 25 years of experience working with the owners and maintenance teams of fixed and mobile amusement devices to develop programs for confirmation Amusement Device Certification. Where required our Engineering Consultant will complete inspections with the use of a drone to reduce turnaround time and reduce costs from eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding and or elevating work platforms to complete the inspection.

The devotion demonstrated by the DRA Engineering Consultants has drawn the attention of several Major Amusement parks around the world seeking our assistance in implementing similar systems to those in Queensland Australia. The service we provide in these instances includes completing ride operating risk assessments, term of life asset management and staff training. This will essentially increase the skills of the management supervisory and maintenance teams to drive this improvement.

Our RPEQ Certified Engineers work with the staff at the Major Amusement parks to develop their safety case outline. The safety case ‘outline’ is the precursor to the actual Safety Case that is required under the strict Queensland WHS Legislation in Australia. Preparation of the safety case outline helps major amusement park operators prepare their Safety Case submission for approval.

The final product (the Safety Case) and must be presented to the WHS Regulator as part of the application for the park and rides for approval to operate. As advised by the Qld Government 33 additional inspectors have been employed, including three engineers, to oversee new safety requirements. The inspectors have received specific training on amusement device and are reviewing documentation as developed.

Considering the extensive oversight, the DRA Engineers ensure that the Safety Case documentation is an extensive document that provides clear and concise evidence and information on:

  • the hazards and risks that may lead to an amusement device incident at a major amusement park,
  • how these hazards and risks are controlled, and
  • how the safety case is regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure effectiveness.

Safety Case Contents

The Safety Case must also contain additional information on:

  • the emergency plan for the amusement devices,
  • annual inspections and major inspections,
  • maintenance, inspection and testing of amusement devices,
  • instruction and training for all persons directly involved in the operation and maintenance at the park,
  • logbooks,
  • security provisions, and
  • how the amusement device operator with engage with and consult workers on work health and safety matters.

We also assist Amusement Park operators establish Risk Registers for their park. Essentially these registers are for the activities that could lead to a major incident. If you operate Amusement Devices in Queensland, other States or Territories of Australia or abroad our Engineers are capable and proven in the task.

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