1 Day Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) Services Elective (QLD)

DRA Safety is recognised in Queensland to deliver the 1-Day WHSO Services Elective (QLD) (WHSO).

This training is an extension of the 5-Day Workplace Health and Safety Officer course for persons appointed as a WHSO by a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU). This is the required training to receive a certificate of appointment as a WHSO as authorised by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

This is the second component to the WHSO Core 5-Day training course as delivered by our Safety Consultants. Training is a key element of the businesses safety management system.

Workplace Health and Safety Officer Services Elective

Workplace Health and Safety Officer WHSO Services Elective

This course builds on the 5-Day course as delivered by our Safety Consultants and provides participants with additional information and skills that will assist WHSOs to carry out their role and functions under the WHS legislation. The course is attended by WHSOs who have requested approved training under the WHS Act to assist them in performing their role and using their powers under the WHS Act. The Safety Consultant will guide participants through the process so that they gain an understanding of their role and powers and attain the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the WHS Act for WHSOs.

This WHSO Services Elective builds on the Core training that provided information and skills relating to:
– Health & Safety Legislation
– Workplace Consultative Arrangements
– Training
– First Aid
– Risk Management
– Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders
– Health and Hygiene
– Hazardous Chemicals
– Asbestos
– Workplace Amenities
– Personal Protective Equipment
– Registration and Licensing
– Plant
– Noise
– Psychosocial Health and Safety
– Occupational Hazards – Alcohol and Drugs
– Psychosocial Hazard – Bullying Fatigue and Violence
– Incident Investigation
– Emergency Procedures
– Auditing and Planning

This Services Elective expands on this providing legislative guidance on the following from the WHS Regulation and specific Codes of Practice
• Electrical Work
• Hand and Power Tools
• Ladders
• Microbial Control – Cooling Systems in Buildings
• Infectious Diseases – Services
• Forklifts
• Confined Spaces
• Building Maintenance Units
• Scaffolding
• Radiation
• Lifts


Please see our posts on common health and safety terms that are covered in this training.

Course duration

Each participant must also undertake the full days training of face-to-face training covering the Services elements of the course.


• Our training facility 1-Day – $POA.
• In house at your location 1-Day – $1900* + Notes and GST.
*Travel and other costs may apply outside of the Gold Coast depending on distance.

For group bookings outside our public course schedule or at your location, please submit your group booking inquiry through the portal for an obligation free quote.

The 1-Day WHSO Services Elective is conducted by one of our experienced Safety Consultants with over 25 years of strong knowledge of the relevant legislation and industry practices.

Each Trainee Must

• Provide proof of being at least 18 years of age.
• Have at least a Year 10 level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills.
• Have the ability to read and write English.


On successful completion of the required elements, participants will receive a WHSO certification. The certification is valid for 5 years. This is not a nationally recognised course; however, it is accredited through Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

We also follow up this Work Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) training with the ability to accompany your trained WHSO’s and to coach them through the legislative process. Working with your WHSO’s to assist in identifying gaps in the Safety Management System to ensure a valued outcome. Our Safety Consultants are qualified and certified and have worked as WHSO’s in many other organisations and are Lead Auditors well versed in the WHS Legislation.

Delivery locations

This course is delivered in multiple locations. Courses delivered in regional Queensland centers have a minimum of 5 enrolments for the course to go ahead.

Language Literacy and Numeracy

This course is delivered and assessed in English only. You are required to read comprehensive learning materials and complete a range of written assessments. You may also be required to undertake independent research for written assessments.


This course is competency based and has both theory and practical assessment components. Due to the amount of content some modules are only delivered as a teaching component while other modules will include an accompanying assessment.

All assessments in this course are open book. Students will have access to all learning materials such as legislation, codes of practice and student notes.


Check out our Training Events page for upcoming training events being completed inhouse. Alternatively, one of our experienced safety consultants can go to your organisation and deliver the training.

You may choose to download a copy of the calendar from the button below or navigate the online course calendar at the top of the page. We also have the Enrolment Form below that may be used to commence the enrolment process. 

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