5 Day Workplace Health and Safety Officer Course (QLD)

DRA Safety is recognised in Queensland to deliver the 5 Day Workplace Health and Safety Officer Course (QLD) (WHSO).

A WHSO is a worker appointed by a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU). This worker is required to undertake the WHSO training and receive a certificate of appointment by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or have an equivalent qualification.

This is one of the courses from our suite of health and safety courses we have on offer being delivered by one of our qualified Safety Consultants. Training is a key element of the businesses safety management system.

5 Day Workplace Health and Safety Officer Course

What does the Workplace Health and Safety Officer Course cover?

This training covers the general duties of the WHSO highlighting that the Workplace Health and Safety Officer does not have any duties under the legislation. This training provides information on the functions that can be used to assist the business,

– Notifying the PCBU about work health and safety matters
– Identifying hazards and risks to health and safety at work and providing details to the PCBU
– Notifying the PCBU about any incidents that have occurred at work or any immediate or imminent risks to health and safety of workers
– Investigate, or assist an investigation, of any incidents that occur at work
– Accompany and assist any WHS Queensland Inspector during an inspection of the workplace
– Identifying work health and safety education and training opportunities for staff and liaising with the PCBU

Course duration
Each participant must undertake 5 days of face-to-face training covering the core elements of the course.

Assessment functions of a WHSO
The Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) must also assess the risks arising from work carried out as part of the business or undertaking at least every 12 months, and provide an assessment report to the PCBU.

The report must include any identified risks to health and safety, and recommendations about managing these risks.

If there is a health and safety committee at the workplace, the committee:

– must also be given the assessment report, and
– may negotiate with the WHSO about when to conduct this assessment, and
– may also approve a work health and safety criteria for the assessment that the WHSO must comply with.


Our training facility 5 Days – $1750.
In house at your location 5 Day – $9500* + Notes and GST.
*travel costs may apply outside of the Gold Coast.

For group bookings outside our public course schedule or at your location, please submit your group booking inquiry through the portal for an obligation free quote.

Course Inclusions

The 5 Day Workplace Health and Safety Officer Course is conducted by one of our experienced WHS industry practitioner with over 25 years of strong knowledge of the relevant legislation and industry practices.
Practical and theoretical activities to discuss the legislative implications of the Health and Safety legislation .
Participant notes.

Each Trainee Must

  • Provide proof of being at least 18 years of age.
    Have at least a Year 10 level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills.
    Have the ability to read and write English.

5 Day Workplace Health and Safety Officer Course

Each participant must undertake 5 days of face-to-face training covering the core elements of the course.

An additional 1-3 days training is required for the Workplace Health and Safety Officer elective elements depending on which industry you are working in. Three options for electives apply:
– Services Industry (2 days)
– Construction Industry (3 days)
– General Industrial (2 days)

NOTE: Some independent research may also be required to enable you to submit final assessments.


On successful completion of the required elements, participants will receive a WHSO certification. The certification is valid for 5 years. This is not a nationally recognised course, however it is accredited through Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

We also follow up this Work Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) training with the ability for our Safety Consultants to accompany your trained WHSO’s and to coach them through the legislative process. Working with your WHSO’s to assist in identifying gaps in the Safety Management System to ensure a valued outcome. Our Safety Consultants are qualified and certified and have worked as WHSO’s in many other organisations and are Lead Auditors well versed in the WHS Legislation.

Please see our posts on common health and safety terms that are covered in this training.

Delivery locations

This course is delivered by our Safety Consultants in multiple locations. Courses delivered by our Safety Consultants in regional Queensland centers have a minimum of 5 enrolments for the course to go ahead.

Language Literacy and Numeracy

This course is delivered and assessed in English only. You are required to read comprehensive learning materials and complete a range of written assessments. You may also be required to undertake independent research for written assessments.

Health and Safety Representative v WHSO Training

This training should not be confused with that as required by a Health and Safety Representative (HSR). The HSR is a worker elected by the workers coworkers to represent them on health and safety matters. They cannot be appointed by Management whereas the WHSO supports Management and may be appointed by them.

The Health and Safety Representative must be elected and receive different training within a set time period.


Check out our Training Events page for upcoming training events being completed inhouse. Alternatively, one of our experienced safety consultants can go to your organisation and deliver the training.

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