Risk Management Training

This Risk Management Training is designed to provide workers with the necessary skills and knowledge required to conduct effective risk assessments and Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

This is the entry level risk training course designed to assist workers understand how to identify hazards, assess risks, select, implement and monitor effective controls. Workers will be capable of contributing to the development of risk assessment documentation including Job Safety Analysis / Safe Work Method Statements etc.

This is one of the courses from our suite of health and safety courses we have on offer being delivered by one of our safety consultants. Training is a key element of the businesses safety management system.

Risk Management Training

Risk Management Training Overview

Risk Management Training training provided by our Safety Consultants will assist with the skills and knowledge required to contribute to WHS risk management. This includes the processes for identifying work health and safety (WHS) hazards and assessing and controlling the risk relating to those identified hazards. It involves contributing to the development, implementation and evaluation of risk controls according to legislative and organisational requirements.

Through presentations; group discussions with the Safety Consultant and role playing the participants will learn the risk assessment process. Our training can be very workplace specific, and we can look at your risk assessment processes and the hazards that are specific to your workplace. We can use your processes and Job Safety Analysis documents. The training covers different methods of risk controls and the various consequences and categories of risk. The training centers on the standard WHS practices as adopted from Safe Work Australia.

During the course the Safety Consultant will complete practical risk assessments and look at different methods for risk elimination and risk control. We will complete many of the practical tasks in a group environment on actual work tasks that the workers undertake.

This course is designed to help workers to understand how they can contribute to risk management in the workplace and how they are responsible for minimizing that risk. This training is especially helpful to Health and Safety Representatives to better understand the legislation so that they can assist Management to develop strategies to protect workers.

Value Added Service

We also follow up this Risk Management Training with the ability to complete safety inspections at your workplace to assist in identifying hazards and to recommend controls. Working with your workers to assist in guiding the questioning and analytical processes to ensure a valued outcome. Sometimes hazards in workplaces go unnoticed as workers become familiar with processes and equipment oblivious to the risks. Our Safety Consultants are qualified, certified with years of experience in industry from working in safety roles and providing consultancy to a wide range of businesses.


This Risk Management Training is completed in house at your location and can be amended to account for experienced or novice participants. For these bookings, please contact our offices for an obligation free quote.
*travel costs may apply outside of the Gold Coast.

Course Inclusions

Training by experienced Safety Consultants with years of real-world experience applying risk management principles in workplaces.

Each Trainee Must

  • Have at least a Year 10 level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills.
  • Have the ability to read and write English.

Risk Management Training Outline

– Introduction to WHS legislation and relevant Risk Assessment Sections
– Understanding the Risk Management Process
– Introduction to Code of Practice How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks
– Roles and responsibilities of management and employees
– Understanding and identifying hazards
– Conducting Risk Assessments
– Selecting effective controls from the Hierarchy of Controls
– Understanding personal risk assessments and team based risk assessments
– Qualitative and quantitative measurements of risk
– Determining Residual risk ratings and residual risk reduction strategies
– Identifying Worksite policy and procedures
– Consultation as part of the risk assessment process
– Implementing, monitoring and reviewing risk assessments
– Understanding personal role in contributing to effective risk management in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes of this course include

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

– understand what risk is;
– understand why risk management is important;
– explain what a general risk management strategy is;
– define what the measures of risk are;
– how to identify hazards and assess risk potential.
– why we need to manage work health and safety (WHS) risks in the workplace.
– how to apply risk controls to avoid potential issues.
– why it is important to consult workers and how it can help a risk management strategy.
– explain what a risk matrix is; and
– understand how risk should be treated.

Check out our Training Events page for upcoming training events being completed inhouse. Alternatively, one of our experienced safety consultants can go to your organisation and deliver the training.


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