2 Day Fire Safety Adviser Training

As of 1 July 2009, under the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008, all high occupancy buildings are legally required to appoint a Fire Safety Adviser (FSA).

This is one of the courses delivered by our Safety Consultants from the suite of health and safety courses we have on offer. Training is a key element of the businesses safety management system.

This Fire Safety Adviser Training course is for a worker who has been appointed as or wish to work as an FSA in Queensland. The 1-Day refresher course is for workers who have already completed this training and are wanting to maintain their accreditation.

2 Day Fire Safety Adviser Training

2 Day Fire Safety Adviser Training Course Overview

The requirement for a Fire Safety Adviser (FSA) is part of the Queensland Building Fire Safety and WHS Legislation. All buildings must have an appropriate emergency plan in place to protect employees, contractors, site visitors and customers. This plan must be documented, practiced and reviewed at least annually.

DRA Safety will help your Fire Safety Adviser develop and implement an emergency plan. This includes an emergency procedure manual, evacuation diagrams and staff training. DRA Safety has been a Registered Training Organisation (RTO – 31786) for many years and is audited regularly to ensure a quality services.

The Safey Consultant will take the participants through the practical skills and knowledge needed to assume the role and responsibilities. This is a key requirement for a Fire Safety Adviser (FSA) in accordance with the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008. This training course also equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to advise on appropriate emergency planning, making them familiar with many aspects of building fire safety.


Our training facility 2 Day – $690.
In house at your location 2 Day – $3800* + Notes and GST.
*travel costs may apply outside of the Gold Coast.

For group bookings outside our public course schedule or at your location, please submit your group booking inquiry through the portal for an obligation free quote.

Course Inclusions

Training conducted by one of our experienced WHS industry practitioner with over 25 years of strong knowledge of the relevant legislation and industry practices.
Practical and theoretical activities to assist the Fire Safety Adviser training.
Participant notes and a full copy of the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and the applicable sections of the Fire and emergency Services Act 1990.

Each Trainee Must

– Provide proof of being at least 18 years of age.
– Have at least a Year 10 level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills.
– Have the ability to read and write English.

Why complete your FSA training with us?
All DRA Safety Consultants are qualified Fire Safety Advisers have been actively engaged in supporting various organisations fire training and response. With this in mind continue to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of what an FSA role entails, and most importantly the practical skills and knowledge required to train others in taking on this role successfully.

Having conducted numerous fire training before the FSA was introduced and one of the first companies accredited to deliver the new course, we pride ourselves in a quality experience. At DRA we continue to provide support to past participants of this training ensuring that they reflect the DRA service standard.

This 2 Day Fire Safety Adviser Training course is held primarily at our training facility, or we can attend your facility if minimum numbers are met. For flexibility in meeting student requirements, this course is not delivered webinar as we ensure that each participant is included and participates in the training.

We also follow up this training with the ability of a Safety Consultant to complete safety inspections to assist in better preparing for fire and other hazardous materials emergencies. Working with your Fire Wardens (Emergency Control Organisation) to plan and practice for a better response. Our services also include Safety Audits to ensure that the whole of safety management is being planned, implemented and reviewed ensuring a best practice approach.

2 Day Fire Safety Adviser Training Course Outline

This Fire Safety Adviser Training is delivered through our RTO 31786, reviewed quarterly and audited at least annually to ensure the content remains current and up to date with the legislative requirements. Upon successful completion of the fire safety adviser training course, participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in the following competencies:-

– PUAFER001 Identify, prevent and report potential facility emergency situations
– PUAFER002 Ensure facility emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented
– PUAFER003 Manage and monitor facility emergency procedures, equipment and other resources
– PUAFER004 Respond to facility emergencies
– PUAFER005 Operate as part of an emergency control organisation
– PUAFER006 Lead an emergency control organisation
– PUAFER007 Manage an emergency control organisation
– PUAFER008 Confine small emergencies in a facility

*As amended from time to time by the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA)

These competencies meet the requirements of the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 for the role of Fire Safety Adviser.

Key areas covered by this course include

– Understand the role and responsibilities of the Fire Safety Adviser
– Fire Safety Adviser Legislative and Regulatory requirements
– Identify fire safety installations equipment in a building
– Develop an awareness and understanding of maintenance and records pertaining to fire safety
– Practical Incident Control and Chief Fire Warden scenarios
– Understand the emergency planning process
– Understand the role and responsibilities of Emergency Control Organisation and AS3473
– Understand the role and responsibilities of the Emergency Planning Committee
– Practical fire extinguisher & fire blanket training

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Fire Safety Adviser FAQ


Do I need to appoint a Fire Safety Advisor?

The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires the business to appoint a Fire Safety Adviser if the building is a Class 2, 3, 5, 6, 7b, 8, 9a or 9b building that is a workplace where 30 or more workers are normally employed.

What duties can a Fire Safety Adviser undertake?

Provide or arrange first response evacuation instruction, and evacuation coordination instructions and assist in the emergency planning process.

If I have a Fire Safety Adviser do I still need Building Fire Wardens?

A Fire Safety Adviser is one who has been trained in fire safety and workplace emergency response. Having a Fire Safety Adviser does not mean that building fire wardens are no longer required. A Fire Safety Adviser is not necessarily building-specific and so may not be present in the building if a fire occurs. Building Fire Wardens are building-specific.

What is a Fire Safety Advisor?

A Fire Safety Advisor is an accredited person who advises on appropriate emergency planning and is familiar with all aspects of building fire safety.

Is there any other training in need to complete for my workplace?

General Evacuation Instruction (BFSR Section 35) – Explains the items listed on the Evacuation Diagram for the building and workplace procedures for evacuation.
First Response Evacuation Instruction (BFSR Section 36-37) – Discusses the use of the fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment and a demonstration of the method of use of the same equipment.
Evacuation Coordination Instruction (BFSR Section 38-41) – The is warden training for fire wardens, floor warden (if used) and the chief warden.

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