Need a Safety Management System (SMS) that is simple to use and always current?


Safety Direct Plus ™ is an online SMS with a difference….it is kept constantly up to date with current legislation by our team of safety professionals.

AND it has now become even more valuable…..

It now provides:

  • compliance workflows through an automated process,
  • online Take 5 training with key topics supported by MyScribe Video, and
  • interactive forms to assist in the managing and reporting on the SMS.

Safety Direct ™ started from humble beginnings developing and modifying safety management systems in the 90’s to now having a complete online SMS specifically tailored to either school or business application.

What else separates this Safety Management System from others on the market is that it is continually monitored and updated by members of the Safety Institute of Australia with at least Certified Generalist OHS Professional certification. That’s well over 60 years’ experience in health and safety working to continually monitor changes to the WHS legislation in Australia; looking at outcomes of relevant incidents and working on feedback from current clients to make this SMS the best it can be for compliance, ease of use and understanding.

Safety Direct Safety Management System is not made of hundreds of so called policies and procedures. It is a succinct document set written on the AS/NZS 4801 model encompassing the Model Work Health and Safety legislative and Code of practice elements. With 80 plus clients ranging from major theme parks and private schools to small business operators, it is a system works.

Ask us for a free demonstration.

If you are interested in a trial run; a look at some sample documents or just want a chat about how we can help with your Safety Management System, please give the team a call 07 5573 6199 or email

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