We have been working closely with major Councils since 1995 providing a range of auditing services, in particular specialist audits such as asbestos, confined spaces, hazardous chemicals and work at height, along with safety management system self-insurance licence audits.

All DRA consultants have consulted to Councils, Mr. Mark Rattle worked for GCCC for 15 years in a safety role and is considered an expert in council operations having developed and implemented Safety Management Systems, developed audit tools specifically for Council use and is now engaged as an expert to oversee major incident investigations. 

Types of Audits

The types of audits which can be conducted by DRA Safety Specialists for Councils are as follows:

Self-Insurance Audits for QLD Self Insurers

Management System Audits using the National Audit Tool, TriSafe or AS/NZS 4801

Specialist Audits for Confined Spaces, Work at Heights, Hazardous Chemicals and other workplace hazards.

If you require a DRA specialist to conduct an audit for you then please contact us.

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