Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Consultancy is provided by a team of qualified Engineers backed with RPEQ certification to provide comprehensive engineering services to owners of amusement devices and attractions.

RPEQ Engineering Consultancy

Our Engineering Consultancy is provided by our consultants who have over 25 years industry experience to assist in developing systems and processes. Assisting clients with the selection and purchase of the ride suitable for their needs. Further assistance in managing the design registration requirements to be permitted to operate, the development of operational and maintenance systems. To ensure the attraction operates safely through providing regulatory inspections and ongoing support by certified Engineers.

The Engineering Consultancy team is lead by qualified and RPEQ certified engineers with extensive experience in a broad range of industries. With experiences from working in various position the advice provided will be from a point of experience. With membership to Australian Amusement Leisure & Recreation Association working with leading providers in the amusement industry in Australia to promote benchmark quality standards in maintenance and safety.

We can assist with fixed rides, mobile rides, water slides, inflatables, cable ways, go karts and many other types of attractions. Our Specialist Engineers also deliver ongoing support to ensure that amusement rides are maintained and operated to Australian Standards and manufacturers’ specifications. Conducting annual and major inspection services to compliance audits to Australian Standard 3533.

DRA provide the full life cycle service for your device and are recognised by Regulators and Industry as leaders in this field, and also provide assistance with.

  • Master-planning Preliminary Design Consultation
  • Procurement
  • Installation and Certification
  • Operations

DRA will even work with your insurance underwriter to ensure your risk management program is reflected in your premiums. If you want to sleep well at night knowing your device is operating to industry best practice, then have DRA assist you with our Engineering Consultancy services.


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Key Engineering Personnel

David Randall

David Randall

Managing Director

Clinton Ford

Clinton Ford

Senior Engineering Consultant

Rhys Wachter

Rhys Wachter

Structural & Safety Engineering Consultant

Mitchell Barnes

Mitchell Barnes

Mechanical & Safety Engineering Consultant

Ryan Bailey

Ryan Bailey

Engineering Technical Assistant

Engineering Gallery

What are the “Engineering Consulting Services” DRA offer?

At DRA, we provide value in many activities including Consulting Services and a wide range of engineering design, verification and drone services. These range from phone consultations to in-depth on-site studies; from solving problems, to design recommendations.

Can you show examples of what the Engineering Consultants can do?

We have engineering consulting examples in many areas of the website, but some specific places are: The Slide Show, the Engineering Consulting page, the Services page, and the Case Studies area of the blog. Of course, the best way to find out if we can help you is to call us. Ask the direct questions about your situation and we will advise you if we can assist.

You Serve In My Industry?

The best way to know, is to ask. We welcome questions and comments about supporting industries and how we can best serve you.

Do your Engineering Consultants RPEQ certifications?

Yes, DRA currently have staff who have Registration as a Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). This is required for some projects, particularly those assessments required by the Health and Safety Regulator; Department of Transport and Main Roads, or certification reports for Certifiers.

What qualifications do your staff have?

DRA Engineering Consultant are all qualified engineers, with specialty skills in structural and mechanical and their associated subfields. Staff are all members of relevant professional societies such as Engineers Australia. DRA is also a member company of the Australian Health and Safety Institute, a not-for-profit peak body representing professionals who are involved in delivering solutions to a wide range of clients and the community. DRA is also a member of ALAARA (Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association) and IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions).

Do you undertake work outside of Queensland?

Yes, we do. The majority of our work is in Queensland and New South Wales, but we have been involved in a number of projects across Australia and New Zealand. Please contact us to discuss any project.

Do you work to Australian and International Standards?

Our work is conducted to the relevant standards, policies and guidelines. Relevant standards for the amusement industry can include AS3533 and EN13814.

Can DRA provide drone services?

Yes, we can, DRA Engineering Consultants are qualified to fly drones to complete inspections and other aerial photography. Please contact us to discuss any drone services you may require.

Do I need an Annual Inspection for my amusement device?

Its best to refer to your local governments website to confirm however if your device is a class 2 or higher it most likely requires registration and therefore an Annual Inspection. Inflatable devices with a platform over 3m also require an Annual Inspection in most states.

Do I need a Major Inspection for my amusement device?

If your device is over 10 years old it’s highly recommended to conduct a Major Inspection, however if you are in Queensland, it is mandatory that this is completed before the device reaches 10 years old.

What is required of a Major Inspection?

A Major Inspection is a thorough examination and analysis of all critical components of the device. A Major Inspection goes beyond an Annual Inspection and considers the overall condition and appropriateness for a long-term operation.

What do I get with an Annual Inspection?

An Annual Inspection is a thorough examination and analysis of the device which includes a physical inspection of the device by one of our qualified engineers and a review of the device’s logbook. Once this is completed the engineer with complete and provide a detailed report on the findings and any required actions.

Should my inflatable be inspected?

If the inflatable has a platform height over 3m in most cases it is mandatory to have an annual inspection completed, however this doesn’t mean you can’t have one completed for an inflatable with a platform below 3m. We recommend that all inflatables have an inspection conducted annual to ensure they are safe to operate as well as verifying the anchor points and to confirm their appropriateness for the design and operating conditions. This might also assist in reducing your insurance premium annually.