The target audience for this training package is very wide and would include anyone who inspects, cleans or maintains plant or equipment, or who may come into contact with this plant or equipment. The training package highlights basic skills and information that must be understood and mastered in order to implement safe isolation procedures. 

This makes “Lock-out and Tag-out” a good topic for induction programs, or where formal safety training is being introduced into the workplace for the first time.

The course is presented in line with adult learning principles and involves a blended approach to training incorporating electronic and direct delivery strategies.

Course Topics
The Lockout / tag out course covers the following topics:
• Legislative Obligations / Duty of Care
• Company Policy and Procedure on Lockout / Tag out
• The Importance of Isolation & Tagging
• Types of Energy Sources
• Equipment Isolation and Lockout Procedures
• Danger, Warning and Information Tags
• Multiple isolators / Isolation points
• Isolation Permits
• Assessment
Please note that lockout tag out procedures will differ from workplace to workplace and some employers will have company-specific procedures. This course serves to assist your safety awareness by generally covering the lockout tag out procedures you are most likely to encounter in the workplace. However, the course does not qualify you perform lockout tag out procedures unless specifically tailored to your company.



The trainers delivering this course are experienced workplace health and safety professionals with practical experience in industry. All trainers are approved by Work Health and Safety Queensland to deliver this training.

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