Work Health & Safety Hazardous Chemicals Training 

Employee Instruction – 2 hours
Hazardous Chemicals Coordinator 4 hours
Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods Coordinator 8 hours

Course Overview 
This course assists employers (PCBUs) meet their duty of care, so far as reasonably practicable, to ensure the safe use, handling and storage of hazardous chemicals, by providing supervisors with the information and knowledge required for them to identify hazards associated with chemicals and develop control measures to work safely with them. 
General principles for safe work with chemicals, including handling and storage will be covered, as well referencing specific company procedures and relevant safety data sheets etc. where available. These principles and codes of practice will be used then to give participants the knowledge and skills to perform an assessment of all risks associated with chemicals, and to determine the most appropriate control methods
This training course is useful for workers who may be given the role of a ‘hazardous chemical coordinator or supervisors who have workers exposed to Hazardous Chemicals  

Course Topics
•    Relevant legislation and responsibilities;
•    Company policies and procedures for Hazardous Chemicals Management
•    Workplace Health and Hygiene, including exposure standards;
•    Classification of Chemicals (new GHS)
•    Safety Data Sheets;
•    Safe use, handling & disposal;
•    Storage and Segregation requirements;
•    Labelling and packaging of chemicals;
•    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
•    Emergency planning requirements (as may exist);
•    Risk Management and risk assessment requirements;
•    Placarding requirements;
•    Emergency Services Manifests.

Course Outcome
At the end of this course, participants will understand the legal compliance requirements associated with hazardous chemicals, should be able to source and understand specific information related to the hazardous chemicals used within their workplace, develop and implement control measures through a risk management process. 


The trainers delivering this course are experienced workplace health and safety professionals with practical experience in industry. All trainers are approved by Work Health and Safety Queensland to deliver this training.


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