First Response Fire Training - Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008​

PUAWER008B – Confine Small Workplace Emergencies

Course Overview 
Our Workplace First Response Fire Training Course will ensure that all of your employees are suitably trained in the safe use of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels and Fire Blankets. This training course includes both a theory and a practical component to ensure that your employees can safely handle workplace emergencies. This training also fulfils the employer’s obligations under the legislation – refer Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 Section 32.  
If required a Fire Safety Trainer can visit your workplace to determine your fire safety equipment and training needs. Fire & Safety Australia can also provide you with supervised Evacuation Drills.

Course Topics

Participants will achieve a basic understanding of and be able to describe:
•    Components of a fire
•    Fire fighting techniques
•    Extinguishing agents
•    Extinguishers and the class of fires
•    Fire extinguisher operation
•    Use of emergency equipment
•    Operation of manually operated alarms

Practical Sessions
Using a Fire extinguisher, Fire Hose Reel & Fire Blanket, participants will gain hands-on practical experience with fire-fighting equipment. Participants will also be instructed in fire fighting tactics and safety procedures relating to small fires initial stages.

Course Outcome 
Participants will gain the knowledge of the organizations first response requirements for an emergency situation and have the skills to operate relevant firefighting equipment.


The trainers delivering this course are experienced workplace health and safety professionals with practical experience in industry. All trainers are approved by Work Health and Safety Queensland to deliver this training.

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