Refresher Training - Fire Safety Adviser 

Course Overview 
The Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires high occupancy buildings to appoint a Fire Safety Adviser.


The Fire Safety Adviser has a responsibility to:
•    be familiar with all aspects of building fire safety;
•    provide advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate emergency planning has taken place; and
•    provide advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate instruction is carried out at the prescribed times and intervals.


This program is designed to refresh a Fire Safety Advisors skills and knowledge which are required to perform the role.

What is a Fire Safety Adviser?
A Fire Safety Adviser is one who has completed an approved building fire safety course within the last 3 years.
The approved building fire safety course comprises 8 units of competency in Workplace Emergency Response within the Australian Quality Training Framework

Course Topics
The Fire Safety Advisor refresher course covers the following topics:
•    Review of legislation
•    Fire safety installations and features
•    Fire detection and protection systems
•    Maintenance and records
•    Risk assessment Hazard ID and controls
•    Emergency Planning
•    Emergency Management
•    Evacuation
•    First response fire training
•    Mandatory training


The trainers delivering this course are experienced workplace health and safety professionals with practical experience in industry. All trainers are approved by Work Health and Safety Queensland to deliver this training.

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