This training course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to be able to work safely in a confined space environment.  Each course will be custom designed to include topics and equipment relevant to the client’s needs and will assist PCBU’s meet their legal obligation to provide information, training and instruction for workers in relation to Part 4.3 of the WHS Regulation – Confined Spaces and will include assessment of key elements learnt.

Course Topics
The following topics will be covered during the course and will be contextualized where ever possible to meet the client’s organisational and site requirements:

Course Outcome
This training course provides participants with the knowledge to identify a confined space and understand what is required before a safe entry to a confined space can be considered.  The course is based on relevant current Units of Competency from Resources and Infrastructure Industry RII and Public Safety, National Training Packages.

Note that additional training on specific hazards associated with individual confined spaces may be required before a safe entry can be conducted.



The trainers delivering this course are experienced workplace health and safety professionals with practical experience in industry. All trainers are approved by Work Health and Safety Queensland to deliver this training.

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