The Diploma of Work Health and Safety BSB51315 is the current qualification which is intended for people who are experienced in work health and safety who coordinate and maintain WHS programs within an organisation.  The qualification is suitable for experienced people working in work health & safety including WHS internal auditors, human resource managers, senior safety officers or supervisors with significant WHS responsibilities.  It is designed to build on skills and knowledge obtained in the Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety.

Prerequisites – Cert IV in Work Health & Safety

The course is offered online which provides flexibility and freedom to study when you like, where you like and at your own pace.  Upon enrolment you will be provided access to our on-line learning platform which is available anywhere through a computer and internet connection.

The duration of the Diploma is 12 months from the date of enrolment.  To complete the program in 12 months you will need to dedicate approximately 8 hours per week to your studies.  You can accelerate your learning and finish prior to the 12 months by increasing your weekly study hours.  The total hours required by a learner to successfully meet the standards within the qualification is approximately 400 hours.
Course Outline & Structure

The Diploma of Work Health & Safety (BSB51315) is comprised of 9 units – 5 core and 4 elective units.  This course is suitable for professionals who apply a substantial knowledge base and have highly developed skills in a variety of WHS contexts.
Core Units

Elective Units

Training Course Outcomes

DRA Safety Specialists’ Diploma in Work Health & Safety has been developed to allow learners to build on their existing skills and knowledge to effectively contribute to the development, implementation and maintenance of an organisations work health & safety management systems.  At the completion of this course you will have gained the skills required to be an effective WHS manager/supervisor through:

This course will provide participants with a professional qualification enabling a pathway into a higher qualification.

Under the packaging rules students must possess all core units in BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety or equivalent competencies:

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