If you are new to online learning, here is some advice on how to successfully study online.

1. Get to know the course you are studying

As soon as possible, get to know about the course you are studying, this allows you to gain a better understanding of what is to be expected of you throughout your course.

Read the information available relating to:

2. Become acquainted with the online process

If you are not too comfortable with computers, make sure you allow yourself time to get used to working online. Navigate and become familiar with your course. Remember if you have any concerns please contact your course trainer for assistance.

3. Be sure to manage your time effectively

4. Learn to stay focused to ensure you remain self-motivated and self-disciplined

5. Find an appropriate environment for study

6. Stay in touch with your trainer

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This product is membership based and provides a vehicle to share documents in order to achieve best practice in terms of safety thus reducing injuries.

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