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Chris Deaves

Senior Asset Manager

Chris Deaves

Chris is a highly effective senior asset manager with over 30 years’ experience working with major commercial, leisure and industrial businesses across Australia. He has a blend of trade and tertiary qualifications with accreditations in several disciplines. He has worked for and with world class suppliers, developers and operators and is experienced in the procurement, commissioning, operating and decommissioning of high value assets.

Chris’s strength is understanding process integration and performance monitoring of financial systems, maintenance requirements, service levels and governance within asset management systems to evaluate overall performance and develop ongoing strategies for each asset. He has significant experience working with organisations with fluctuating resource demands that offer services directly to the public and require constant evaluation of the organisations capacity, capability, utilisation, scalability and operational costs.

Chris has been employed in technical and executive level positions during his career which has required detailed knowledge of infrastructure construction and maintenance codes of practice, technical awareness and standards as well as dealing with public company boards and senior government representatives. He has represented industry on committees for the development and update of the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Regulation and Australian Standards.


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